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You Do You - Eco


You Do You – Eco is a company that wants to help people lead an eco and sustainable way of life that is individual to them with products and advice that complement their life.

  • Look on our website and buy products as and when you want and need them – If there are products that you are looking for, but can’t find on our website, let us know and we will look into adding this product to our product list for you in the future.
  • Video consultation – If you would like more ‘hands on’ help from us, arrange a chat about your needs and how we can help you. This starts with suggestion of easy changes around your home and we can then discuss your eco transformation, your expectations and needs. We can set out a plan as to what you want in the upcoming months, if this is something that you would benefit from, like a subscription box but, filled with products you know you want and have been looking forward to receiving. The video consultation is completely free with no expectations to buy any products from us at all.

People are all different and everyone lives their life their own way and we want to celebrate the individuality of you. You do you.  We will help you get there with some tweaks to your current routine, with products and ideas that are not only something you love, but the environment will love them too. We need to make sacrifices to make a better world, but that doesn’t mean that we have to feel like that is a bad thing!

We came up with the idea of You Do You – Eco from our own eco journey, which I found confusing. I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I wanted to try everything that might help, but products can often be expensive. Where to start? Why this one over that one? I joined Facebook groups and at first felt I wouldn’t be able to be as eco as other people were being. As they were doing it better than me, would my contribution make a difference? They made me feel guilty that I couldn’t afford to change my whole way of life in one switch. That is when I came up with the idea of You Do You – Eco. It is more about doing what you can, when you can and not to feel guilty about the fact you can only afford to change small things each month or even every other month. A thousand people being eco imperfectly, is so much better than ten people being eco perfectly. Is there even a perfect way to do anything. No, as my perfect is different from your perfect!! You do you and be proud of who you are! We want to empower you to feel great about your decisions and the way you live your life.

Mission Statement: 

To help people lead a sustainable and eco way of life that is individual and designed especially for them.

Vision Statement:

Our main purpose is to help save the environment in any way we can, however small. We plan to do this by offering eco friendly products and ideas and then listening to our customers’ response. Our plan is to provide products that you love to use and the Earth will love too.

Values and belief system:

We can all see the damage that the human race has done to our planet. We want to be your helping hand in being eco – your way. This will help towards us having as small a negative impact as possible on our environment, whilst living our lives in the knowledge that we are helping the best way we can.

Everyone lives their life individually and we want to help you do you when it comes to a sustainable and eco-way of life.

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Henri Page
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