Help & Guides for Safety in the Community

Please visit for general advice and guides on keeping yourself safe and what is expected of you when coming into contact with others outside of your household.

General Safety

When helping others in the community please adhere to the most recent Government and NHS directives.

When collecting or taking deliveries, accepting persons into your vicintity, please keep your distance and follow  current Government and NHS directives over hand washing, clothes washing etc.


This site is for listings that help the Henley on Thames Community and all those that fall within it’s postcode districts and outlying viillages.  If your listing is found to be of an overtly advertising nature, offensive or contains explicit language etc, it will first be unpublished.  You will then be asked to edit it, or it will be deleted within 1 week of notification.

All listings are produced randomly, i.e. there is no order or priority.

Please do not enter your listing in a way that calls attention to it such as using uppercase text.  The admin reserve the right to alter your listing to conform with all other listings.  In this event you are at liberty to remove your listing or conform to the terms laid out here.

Please keep your listings up to date

By using this site to list or to list for others you agree to all the Terms & Conditions that are linked in the footer and the wording on this page.  The owner of the site can take no responsibility for any actions of it’s users or of the listees.

If you find you are no longer able to offer what is on your listing for any reason at all please ammend it or delete it.

You can put listings up for others but please ask their permission first if you haven’t already done so.

If you have been listed by someone else and want your listing removed, claim it or edited, please use the form on the contact page.


Please be aware that any details you have on your listings will be publicly viewable.

If you list here, or have been listed by a third party, then you are protected under GDPR legistation and can ask for all your data to be removed.