Candela is a beautiful shop and hypnotherapy practice is based near the centre of Henley,  opposite the Post Office.

It is a long established and successful hypnotherapy practice in a very private office at the back of a very attractive shop.

The shop sells a selection of self-help books and spiritual artefacts such as buddhas, wood carvings, dowsing rods. Interesting and fascinating stuff at affordable prices.

Sue Turner, who owns the business, is a highly qualified and very experienced hypnotherapist.  She can help people overcome physical and and mental difficulties in their lives. She has devised a programme to help her clients Lift Up Out of Lockdown, Feel more Resilient, Relaxed and Resourceful so they can be more adaptable in terms of what the future holds.

Originally trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, she helps people with a wide range of physiological problems such as  insomnia, migraine, psoriasis, IBS and bladder problems, IVF and Fertility,  as well as chronic diagnosed pain.

She also works with people with a lot of emotional issues such as self confidence, self-belief self-esteem and self-respect.  She sees a number of people who have lost confidence in their ability to hold their jobs or get a new job.

All clients are taught Self Hypnosis and are treated with the utmost integrity and confidentiality.


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19 Reading Road, Henley-on-thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1AB