Henley Hypnobirthing


Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

Now, get prepared to feel excited about meeting your baby!

Be ready and knowledgable to really feel in control of your labour experience. Understand that labour is a normal and good experience, learning techniques that allow your body to work with your baby to be able to birth comfortably.

Hypnobirthing supports every type of labour: natural, water, Caesarean Section, epidural… It promotes comfort, control and empowerment.

The birth of your baby is one of the most important experiences of your life. A day you will remember forever. I believe a good birth experience is one which a mother can look back on and know that all of the choices were her’s and something she reflects positively on. Invest in this day like your wedding day, plan for it, prepare for it, practise it and have a plan b!

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