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I’m Dave, I’m a Marlow resident and I run a small business with my wife that sells wine, cider and beer to supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurant chains, etc. My business is about 4 and half years old and after the usual ‘tough first year’, I’ve built up a nice small business doing something I enjoy.

Then Coronavirus came along…

I count myself as lucky when it comes to this horrible virus. My family and I are fit and healthy, I’m worried about older relatives and my sister (an NHS doctor) but no-one close to me has become ill. The ‘lockdown’ impacted my business hard though; whilst our trade with supermarkets is doing well, our trade with the ‘On-Trade’ sector (ie: drinking in premises) completely ceased overnight. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I’ve tried to adapt my business to the ‘new normal’.

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself wanting to order good, reasonably-priced wine, beer and other drinks which would be delivered quickly, ideally from a local business. As I couldn’t really find what I wanted, I thought I would do it myself – and Marlow & Henley Wine Co. was born! Through my business and contacts, I already had access to stock, warehousing, the ability to import, pay duty, etc, so I just needed to make the move from wholesale to retail.

I hope that you enjoy Marlow & Henley Wine Co.‘s products (responsibly of course!) Do give us a try, we have excellent wine, sparkling wine, beer, cider and gin, we offer free and fast delivery, a low minimum order (£40), no subscriptions, no gimmicks. This is and will remain a small, local business, for local people.

I’ll be the guy taking the orders, picking them, and delivering them, so feel free to get in touch and let me know what you think of Marlow & Henley Wine Co.

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