Physiolistic is as much about looking after your body and preventing injury as it is about treatment and cure. Good health is such an important part of life, but it’s often the case that we only appreciate this when we don’t have it.

At Physiolistic we’ve built our reputation over the last 10 years in Henley on recognising the importance of good health. We do this by offering a range of first class services from our qualified healthcare professionals. At our core are a team of physiotherapists who will assess, advise and treat you, and this is complemented by other qualified healthcare professionals who offer sports massage, personal training, pilates, acupuncture, nutritional advice and personal counselling.

We feel that the growth of our business is a result of our continued focus on the patient as an individual, the investment in the training and development of our staff and facilities and the desire to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

Angela says: ‘People lead such busy lives these days but the question I ask is not whether you can afford the time to look after your body but more the case of whether you can afford not to. We only have one body and we need to look after it. At Physiolistic that’s what we do’.

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